16 Apr

Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Freshen up Your Resume

Posted by John Brandwagt

April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. They may also bring with them a torrent of job postings and opportunities for those who are on the job hunt. Whether you’ve been looking for a while or are just setting out on the hunt, spring represents one of the peak hiring seasons in Canada.

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Even if you’re content where you are and you’re not thinking about finding a new job this spring, you might want to consider giving your resume a good spring cleaning. Why? There are a quite a few reasons to freshen things up.

Keep It up to Date

The best reason to spring clean your resume this year and every year is to keep it up to date. You may not be thinking about going on a job hunt just yet, but what happens when the day arrives?

Many people will let their resumes sit for long periods of time. Sometimes, people go decades without updating them. When the time to look for a new job does arrive, they find they have quite a bit of work to do and little memory of past projects and results.

By contrast, updating your resume every now and then keeps you on top of things. When you do decide to go looking for a new gig, you’ll only need to spend a few minutes refreshing your resume instead of a fewhours.

Be Prepared

You’re still not convinced you should freshen up your resume this spring. There’s merit to keeping it up to date, but you’re not worried. Your job is very secure or you’re quite happy where you are.

You should always be prepared. You never know when the situation will change. A sale or merger of the company could mean layoffs. A favourite co-worker may decide to leave or a manager may retire, and their replacements could make your work experience less pleasant. In these situations, you may decide to leave. The decision could be quite sudden. It’s best to be prepared.

Not all reasons for preparedness are negative. You just never know when that great opportunity will appear. It might even drop right in your lap, with a friend or colleague passing along a job posting. It’s perfect, with one catch: The application deadline is tomorrow.

If your resume is already up to date, then you won’t get caught up in a mad scramble to get an application in.

Stay on Top of Trends

Another good reason to consider giving your resume a refresher is to stay on top of resume-writing trends. Expectations and standards shift over time. Much as you should keep your resume up to date so it accurately reflects your experience, you’ll also want to stay attuned to shifting expectations and trends.

For example, take the inclusion of references with an application. Ten years ago, it was perfectly acceptable to say “references available upon request.” Today, employers and hiring managers expect you to include your references with your application.

Requirements and expectations around resume length, inclusion of certain information, and even formatting change over time. Giving your resume a refresher this spring will mean you can avoid resume-writing mistakes and ensure you don’t need to start all over again the next time you’re on the hunt for a new job.

Why is spring the perfect season for undertaking this task? First, you might already be in the mood to do some “cleaning.” Spring is a season of fresh starts and renewal. Next, spring is also one of the peak hiring seasons in Canada. Don’t get caught unprepared. Do a little resume cleaning instead.


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